Our vision
The counseling office BJ international consulting promotes sustainable development through the strengthening and sustainability of state institutions based on democracy, the rule of law and good governance.
Our values
  • Commitment : share a deep conviction in the service of the action
  • Ethics : act with respect and integrity
  • Openness : generate wealth in diversity
Very attentive to the evolution in governance issues in African countries, the counseling agency BJ international consulting is committed to the implementation of projects especially focused on:
  • Anchoring the rule of law and good governance
  • Dissemination and anchoring of a democratic culture based on peace and development
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Dissemination and anchoring of constitutional justice
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of public action
  • Building human and institutional capacities of public administrations and institutions
 The counseling agency BJ international consulting puts its experience and project management skills to the service of international and national institutions and organizations engaged on issues related to governance in its democratic aspects and on political, economic and security areas by supporting mainly two types of actions:
  • scientific meetings to exchange expertise and best practices in the above areas to develop an African thought of governance issues
  • training activities to strengthen the human capacity of public institutions and administrations of African countries
The counseling agency BJ international consulting is specializedin project management in the operational and strategic development aspects and proposes following services:
  • Team management
  • Administrative and financial management
  • Fund raising and management
  • Conceptualization and strategic development
  • Development of partnerships
  • Drafting of documents ( explanatory memorandum, report, correspondence)
  • Organization and logistics

The working languages are French, German and English.

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The construction or reconstruction of the State in African countries is a decisive step towards economic emergence to which all aspire and which process is ongoing.


  469, Avenue Mohammed V, Building Touarga, Box n° 18, Rabat.
  +212 661 988 589